Selected Publications

Creative Nonfiction

“The Reduced World,” under the gum tree

“How to Tell the Story of an Ordinary Death,” Los Angeles Review of Books

“Not Nothing,” Brevity

“Scorched Earth,” Hoxie Gorge Review 

“The Dichotomy of My Marriage–and Mood,” Esperanza

“My Only Child Scatters My Ashes,” CALYX

“140-Character Micro-Essay,” Creative Nonfiction

“Resuscitate,” Hotel Amerika

“Boomerang,” Brain, Child Magazine

“A New and Magical Life,” The Rumpus

“Raising Sensitive Children to be Future Leaders,” Quiet Revolution

“Shame,” Brevity

“Moderation is the Key,” Prime Number Magazine

“Chimney Swift,” Sweet: A Literary Confection

“The Other Woman,” The Iron Horse Literary Review (Listed as notable in Best American Essays 2013)

“Loving Captain Corcoran,” Stone Canoe (Winner of the S.I. Newhouse School Prize in Nonfiction)

“The Faces We Carry,” The Nervous Breakdown

“Waiting for My Milk During the Polar Vortex, I Channel William Blake,” The Common

“When I Parented My Father,” Salon

“Playing the Odds,” The Nervous Breakdown

“The North Side,” Phoebe

“The Short Summer,” The Common

“I Know Who You Are,” The Nervous Breakdown

“How to Euthanize a Horse,” Natural Bridge

“Suburban,” Connotation Press-An Online Artifact

“Christmas 1984,”The Nervous Breakdown

“Winter,” Upstreet

“Miracles We Get,” Redivider

“All the Ways We Fool Ourselves,” Waccamaw

Author archive at Role Reboot (2015-2019)

Anthology/Textbook Inclusions

“Playing the Odds.” Writing: Ten Core Concepts. Robert P. Yagelski. Albany, NY: Cengage Learning, 2018.

“Against the Pursuit of Happiness.” Going Om: Real Life Stories On and Off the Yoga Mat. Ed. Melissa Carroll. Jersey City, NJ: Viva Editions, 2014.

“Communing with Cancer.” Tuscaloosa Writes ThisEd. Brian Oliu. Tuscaloosa, AL: Slash Pine Press, 2013.

Craft Essays

“The Mundane as Maximalism of the Mind: Reclaiming the Quotidian,” Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies (co-authored with Jill Kolongowski)

“The New Greek Chorus: Collective Characters in Creative Nonfiction,” Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies

“On the Ethics of Writing About Your Children,” LitHub (originally published in Creative Nonfiction)

“In Defense of the Confessional: Parenting, Inclusivity, and J.D. Schraffenberger’s ‘Dropping Babies’,” Essay Daily

“More Than One True Thing,” Waccamaw

Pedagogy Articles

“Pennies in My Pocket,” Brevity blog

“My Favorite Essay to Teach: Dear Sugar #39, ‘The Baby Bird,'” Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies

“Dear Sugar Two Ways,” During Office Hours

Assorted Interviews and Reviews

“The Natural Plot of Existence: The Red Zone: A Love Story by Chloe Caldwell.” Salamander

“To Wit: Flash Interview with Amy Monticello,” Assay: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies blog

“The Best Books for Growing Emotional Intelligence,” Cubby

“Career Profile: This Professor’s Honest Take on Balancing Career and Motherhood is So Refreshing,” The Everymom

“The Humanities Respond to the Pandemic,” Suffolk University website

“On the Creative Nonfiction Chapbook: Amy Monticello,” The Chapbook Interview

“Interview with Amy Monticello, Author of ‘Close Quarters’,” Geosi Reads

“Review: Close Quarters by Amy Monticello,” Contrary Magazine

“Hello, New Year, Hello, 30: Amy Monticello and Marissa Landrigan in Conversation,” Her Kind, the VIDA blog

“You Will Never Know: A Review of Amy Monticello’s Close Quarters,” The Nervous Breakdown

“Choosing Not to Know: A Review of B. J. Hollars’ In Defense of Monsters,” The Nervous Breakdown